Sponsors & Volunteers

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are expanding our sponsors program and are looking for partners to support our local community!

We have a variety of opportunities for small, medium, and large collaborations. Let’s get creative and come up with an arrangement that works for you!

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Volunteer Opportunities

We are a community-run outdoor swimming pool that relies entirely on volunteers (and paid lifeguards).  To make this upcoming season the best it can be, we need support from our members and our community.  Get in touch with us or fill out the form below and together we’ll find a great fit for you!

You can contribute as much or as little time as you like.

Remember: many hands make for light work!

Here are some sample volunteer opportunities:

*As an additional note, some of our core volunteers will be moving on in a year or two as their family situations change.  This presents an excellent opportunity for succession planning, and to train alongside current members!

I’m here to help!

Major Sponsors & Partners